Royal Line | Reign 28

Emperor 28 Cody Pendant

Emperor XXVIII

Cody Pendant

He started out performing and fundraising in 2010 in Las Vegas under his birth name Michael Weihn (pronounced wine) in Vegas he won his first pageant with his debut performance for the title king Midas also with the Las Vegas imperial court he was Imperial crown prince, imperial crown prince Royale three reigns, entertainer of the year, and won various awards such as court member of the year, humanitarian award, the YG award twice, and Presidents award. Since he moved to Minnesota five years ago he has continued his fundraising now with the imperial court of Minnesota. He was executive treasurer, won the presidents award, coproduced the ice castle pageant, and now with the alter ego Cody Pendant, he is the current emperor 28.

Empress 28 Leah Tyler

Empress XXVIII

Leah Tyler

The holder of the cherry on a spoon. The queen of pigs, and a connoisseur of VHS cleaners, the power bottom of the state of 10,000 lakes. The love child of Miss Piggy, and John Waters the filthiest person alive, the body beautiful bearded lady herself Leah Tyler Empress 28. They have been involved in non profits for over 4 years volunteering their talents performing, helping put together, gathering donations, and helping put on educational classes, for events within the leather, pup, drag, and court organizations all over the states, During the day the empress works as a hairstylist. In their spare time they love video games, cooking, baking amd spending time with their bio puppies Pua, and Pumbaa.

Princess Royale 28 Anastasia C. Principle

Princess Royale XXVIII

Anastasia C. Principle

Anastasia C. Principle aka ACP is excited to join Reign 28 as the Princess Royale. ACP previously served as PR for Reign 27 under Monarchs Onya Deek and Tonia Collins. Anastasia has been performing in the Twin Cities since 2011 where she got her start at the Town House Bar now known as The Black Hart. She quickly found herself in love with all things pageant and has traveled across the midwest competing for both bar and preliminary pageants. Titles include Miss Five Nightclub Plus, Miss Napalese Lounge, Toast of the Townhouse, Northern Star All American Goddess, among others. ACP also is one of the promoters for the Gay Madison pageantry system in Madison WI. She has a avid belief to give back to a community that has given so much to her which is why she is happy to serve a second reign as Princess Royale for the Imperial Court of MN. When not performing for the court Anastasia can be seen at The Saloon, Five Nightclub, Black Hart, and Napalese Lounge. During the day Anastasia is known as Matt Hudson who resides in North Minneapolis with his 2 St. Bernards; Dolce Gabbana and Louis Vuitton. Matt is a employee of U.S. Bank and a member of Twin Cities Quorum as well as the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus. Feel free to check ACP out on Facebook or Instagram (a.principle15)

Crown Prince 28 Russell Storm

Crown Prince XXVIII

Russell Storm

Russell “Giggles” Storm is currently Mr. IGRA 2020/21 second runner-up and the Crowned Prince 28 of the Imperial Court of Minnesota. He was Mr. North Star Gay Rodeo Association (NSGRA) 2019, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2016 and one of the IML 2016 “38 Specials”.  Giggles was also Mr. TBRU 19- Brother Bear at the Texas Bear Round-Up. Giggles is a member of the Black Guard of Minneapolis, and the North Star Kennel Club.  Giggles has participated in the Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend, and has carried the Leather Pride Flag in Twin Cities Pride Parade yearly, Most of his free time is spent fundraising for many group around the Twin Cities, and traveling to many events around the Midwest.

Outside of the community work, Russell was originally from Eugene, OR and move to the Twin Cities to earn his Master’s Degree from St. Cloud State University and he now works at SCSU helping student achieve their dreams of a college degree. Russell is also working on his doctorate degree in Higher Education.

Crown Princess 28 Paige Matthews-Anthony

Crown Princess XXVIII

Paige Matthews-Anthony

Paige has been performing for 20 years now. She has been with the Imperial Court of Minnesota for two reigns now, starting during Reign 27 under Regent Empress Tonia Lee Anthony and Empress Onya Deek. For the last 20 years, Paige has helped start and promote a program in San Diego for Transfolk, called Project Star, helped with putting on Transgender Day of Empowerment and Remembrance, worked with them and Imperial Court de San Diego. Paige has also worked on doing a lot for HIV/AIDS, LGBTQA+ Youth, 12 Step/Recovery, Social Advocacy and still push and work a lot for the Trans Community. Outside of her Activism and Advocacy work, Paige can be seen turning out some beautiful hair color and make-up. In her down time it’s usually game nights, cooking, reading, PS4 gaming and binging on series. When she is able she tries to get back to Hawai’i as much as possible, but current events haven’t allowed for that much.

Crown Princess 28 Sister Kim Boocha

Crown Princess XXVIII

Sister Kim Boocha

Kim Boocha joined the Imperial Court of Minnesota in 2019 and is dedicated to fundraising, outreach and activism. She is the current Ms Ice Castle and the Reign 28 Crown Princess. Outside of ICOM, she is also involved with the Ladies of the Lakes and misses calling bingo at her local nursing home. With kazoo in hand, she is always there to share a tune and spread joy.  She is passionate about causes related to social justice, homeless youth, our Transgender community, our elderly population, and animals. When it comes to fundraising, she is best known for bringing folks together, outreach/ communication, and planning. She also has an open ear and heart to anyone who needs someone to talk to. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, painting/ drawing, watching horror movies, and spending time with her cat, Hotdog. 
Favorite Quote: 
“I’m pretty, but tough like a diamond. Or beef jerky in a ball gown.”
Titus Andromedon
Prince 28 Tommy Boy



Atticus joined the ICS in Ogden, Utah with the Imperial Rainbow Court of Northern Utah in 2016 shortly after having moved there from the Twin Cities area.  Having immediately fallen in love with the organization and the ICS he quickly fell in to doing anything and everything he possibly could to help raise money for various charities throughout northern Utah.  Having served in a handful of different roles with the IRCONU Atticus moved back to Red Wing in September of 2020.  Committed and dedicated to fully supporting the communities at large they are driven to see all come together as one, working for the greater good to benefit those in need of the resources of ICOM.

Princess 28 Skinny Mini


Skinny Mini

Skinny Mini has been entertaining the Twin Cities, since 2018. Skinny is a proud intersectional feminist, and spends time volunteering on the Minnesota Department of Health’s Cannabis Review Panel, & with Dakota Child and Family Clinic ~ as a member of their LGBTQ+ Advocacy Board. Skinny’s pronouns are she/her or they/them. Skinny Mini’s drag style is eccentric, befuddling, and FUN !! 💕

Grand Duke 28 Bren Da'Rehab

Grand Duke XXVIII

Bren Da’Rehab

Bren Da’ReHab, joined the court in 2020 as Grand Duke of Reign 28.  He is committed to outreach, fundraising and activism.  He is also part of the Ladies of the Lakes, has Sister Brenda Re’Hab and has been active in the leather and BDSM communities.   He is heavily involved in supporting Behavioral Health and Recovery causes and animal rescue.  A transplant from Indianapolis, in 2017, where he held the titles of Mr. Great Lakes Olympus Leather 2009, and Indiana Leatherboy 2004 and 2007.   He was the founder and producer of Midwest Olympus Leather.   Employed in healthcare, he currently lives in Crystal with finance Mark, AKA Grand Duchess 28 De Shevelled, and pets Peyton, a rescue dachshund, and Kipling, his step-cat.  Always available to lend an ear or shoulder when needed, in his downtime, he enjoys reading, theatre, baking, lusting over Paul Hollywood (see baking), DND, and of course wedding planning, there is no Zilla after his name, yet.

Grand Duket 28 Cuntessa

Grand Duket XXVIII


Born in Honduras and raised in The Bronx, New York, they learned to climb over walls and steal hearts at an early age. Four years ago, they moved to the Twin Cities, and performed in drag for the first time only two years ago.

When not performing, they work in the Outreach department at The Aliveness Project, are a member of the Minnesota Council for HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention, serve as Membership Director for Stonewall DFL, and is the current Mx. Ice Castle Alternate AND the Reign 28 Grand Duket of the Imperial Court of Minnesota. They even ran for local office during the summer of 2020.

Remember, Tessa for short; Cunt if you’re nasty.

Grand Duchess 28 De Shevelled

Grand Duchess XXVIII

De Shevelled

De Shevelled joined the Imperial Court of Minnesota in 2020 and is dedicated to fundraising, outreach and activism. They are the current Grand Dutchess of Reign 28. De, works in the transit industry as a bus operator and loves living in Crystal, MN with fiancé John aka Grand Duke 28. Outside of ICOM, De is also involved with the Ladies of the Lakes as Sister Ea Gal Scout and misses spreading joy and celebrating everyone. With one of their fabulous fan in hand, they are always there to share some shade (in many ways) and spread joy. De, is passionate about causes related to social justice, equity, homeless youth, our Transgender community, AIDS/HIV research, Cancer awareness and of course animals. When it comes to fundraising, they are getting more known for bringing folks together, helping their fellow court members and sisters, and outreach/education. De, also has an open ear and heart to anyone who needs someone to talk to either as a sister or ICOM. With their spare time, De enjoys theatre, photography, video games, D&D, baking, drawing, watching horror movies, being outdoors, snowboarding in winter and spending time with his cat, Kipling and his step-dog Peyton.

Duchess 28 KC Jae


KC Jae