Royal Line | Reign 30

Emperor 28 Cody Pendant

Emperor XXX

Russell “Giggles” Storm

Russell “Giggles” Storm is honored that the members of the Imperial Court of Minnesota have elected him to Emperor 30. In the past, he was Crowned Prince 28, 29, and Baron 27 of the ICOM. Other titles Giggles has held are: Mr. IGRA 2020/21 second runner-up, Mr. North Star Gay Rodeo Association (NSGRA) 2019, Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2016, and part of the IML 2016 class better known as the “38 Specials”.  Giggles’ first title was Mr. TBRU 19- Brother Bear at Texas Bear Round-Up. Giggles is a proud member of the NSGRA and the Black Guard of Minneapolis.  Giggles has participated in the Minnesota Leather Pride Weekend and has carried the Leather Pride Flag many times down Hennepin Avenue in the Twin Cities Pride Parade. Most of his free time is spent fundraising for many groups around the Twin Cities and traveling to many events around the Midwest. What he is most excited about is raising money for the many Twin Cities charities and helping put the Unity back in the CommUnity for the year of the Pearl, Reign 30 of ICOM!

Outside of his community work, Russell is originally from Eugene, Oregon, and moved to the Twin Cities in 2010 to earn his Master’s Degree from St. Cloud State University. He now works at SCSU helping students achieve their dreams of a college degree, along with earning his second Master’s degree in Diversity and Inclusion in Student Affairs.

He is now: The 3rd Holder of the Cherry on the Spoon, A Son of the Emerald Empire, VanGuard of Amusement for the Impression of the Rose, Giggles the Moosette for the House of Shade and Shenanigans, and the “I like warm hugs” member of the Storm Family. The Leather Clad Guardian of the Sapphire Snowflakes, and the Bear Bottom trap of the arctic tundra, and Keeper of Pearl Necklaces, The Emperor Penguin himself, Russell “Giggles” Storm, Emperor 30.

Empress 30 Anastasia C. Principle

Empress XXX

Anastasia C. Principle

Anastasia C. Principle aka ACP is truly honored to be elected Empress 30. Aftering serving as Princess Royalle for the past 3 years, it was finally time for ACP to elevate to Empress. During reign 30 you can plan to see some new events that the court hasn’t done before, we hope to enter spaces that we haven’t been before (or haven’t been in awhile) and cater some events to our sober community and families. 


Anastasia has been performing in the Twin Cities since 2011 where she got her start at the Town House Bar now known as The Black Hart. She quickly found herself in love with all things pageant and has traveled across the midwest competing for both bar and preliminary pageants. Titles include Miss Five Nightclub Plus, Miss Napalese Lounge, Toast of the Townhouse, Northern Star All American Goddess, among others. ACP also is one of the promoters for the Gay Madison pageantry system in Madison WI. She has an avid belief in giving back to a community that has given so much to her which is why she is happy to be part of the Imperial Court of MN. When not performing for the court Anastasia can be seen across the midwest mainly at The Saloon, Five Nightclub, Lush Lounge & Theater, and Napalese Lounge. 
During the day Anastasia is known as Matt Hudson who resides in North Minneapolis with his 2 St. Bernards; Dolce Gabbana and Louis Vuitton. Matt is an employee of U.S. Bank, is a member of Twin Cities Quorum and co-chairs the Production team for The Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus. Feel free to check ACP out on Facebook or Instagram (a.principle15)
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Princet Royale XXX

Bren Da’Rehab

Bren Da’Rehab joined the court in 2020 as Grand Duke of Reign 28/29. He is committed to outreach, fundraising, and activism. He is also part of the Ladies of the Lakes, has Sister Brenda Re’Hab, and has been active in the leather and BDSM communities. He is heavily involved in supporting Behavioral Health and Recovery causes and animal rescue. A transplant from Indianapolis, in 2017, where he held the titles of Mr. Great Lakes Olympus Leather 2009, and Indiana Leatherboy 2004 and 2007. He was the founder and producer of Midwest Olympus Leather. Employed in healthcare, he currently lives in Crystal with husband Mark, AKA De Shevelled, and pets Peyton, a rescue dachshund, and Kipling, his step-cat. Always available to lend an ear or shoulder when needed, in his downtime, he enjoys reading, theatre, baking, shopping, traveling, Disney, lusting over Paul Hollywood (see baking), DND, and anything Hunger Games.

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Princess Royale XXX

Betty Bang

Betty will be 30 years old in April. She has been doing drag going on for almost 6 years. Betty is the current reigning Belle of the Black Hart. She has been doing charity shows since her drag beginning. She is almost 6 years sober. She has a German Shepard/Kelpie mix named Phoebe. She also currently works two jobs.

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Crown Prince XXX

Alexandro Rox

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Crown Princess XXX

Sister Kim Boocha

Kim Boocha is the mother of the Family of Flavortown. Her dedication to her community started 6 years ago when she joined the Ladies of the Lakes, the Twin Cities Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. She currently services as one of the Co-Mistress of Missions to the UNPC, guiding mission houses through the process of becoming Fully Professed. While she continues her vocation to serve her community and spread joy with her fellow Sisters, she has stretched herself further in her work to support her community by joining the Imperial Court in 2019 as Countess 27. She was also Crown Princess 28/29. Kim Boocha’s passion is helping to support LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness, but she is dedicated to lending a helping hand wherever she is needed. Secularly, Kim is passionate about community service and helping others with their professional development. She is also an avid rock hunter and fisher and loves her family and friends. If you ever need an ear to listen, a fact about fishing, or a plate of food, she is only a phone call away!
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Prince XXX

De Shevelled

De Shevelled joined the Imperial Court of Minnesota in 2020 as Grand Duchess of Reign 28/29 and is dedicated to fundraising, outreach, and activism. De works in the transit industry as a bus operator and loves living in Crystal, MN with husband John aka Bren Da’ Rehab, Princet Royale 30. Outside of ICOM, De is also involved with the Ladies of the Lakes as Sister Ea Gal Scout and Guard Narnia Business and misses spreading joy and celebrating everyone. With one of their fabulous fans in hand, they are always there to share some shade (in many ways) and spread joy. De is passionate about causes related to social justice, equity, homeless youth, our Transgender community, AIDS/HIV research, Cancer awareness, and of course animals. When it comes to fundraising, they are getting more known for bringing folks together, helping their fellow court members and sisters, and outreach/education. De also has an open ear and heart to anyone who needs someone to talk to either as a sister or ICOM. With their spare time, De enjoys theatre, travel, photography, camping, video games, Assassins Creed (see video games), D&D, baking, drawing, watching horror movies, being outdoors, snowboarding in winter, spending time with his cat, Kipling, his step-dog, Peyton, and of course his husband John.

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Princess XXX

Slaymantha Fox

  • 25 years old
  • Professional Skydiver
  • Professional Bottom / Private Top
  • Loves Long Walks in Snowstorms….indoors
  • Dog hoarder
  • Porcelain Doll Collector
  • In a Committed Polyamorous Relationship with Netflix, Hulu, and HBO MAX.
  • Proud owner of Student Loan Debt
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Grand Duchess XXX

Serena Van Daren

Serena has been doing drag for 11.5 years. She started in Huntington, WV in 2010. When she moved to Lexington, KY in 2015, she joined the Imperial Court of Kentucky. With the ICK she was the Absolut Diva 2016, Princess Royale to Reign 35, & Miss Big Bone Lick. Serena recently relocated to Minneapolis and is excited to join the ICOM and help raise money for our community with Reign 30!

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Count XXX

Taylor Ashton


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Duke XXX

DJ (Broadway Baby)

DJ, more commonly known as Broadway Baby – “The Rugrat of the Twin Cities,” has been a member of the Imperial Court of Minnesota since Reign 28/29. He is also a member of the Twin Cities boys of Leather and is their current secretary. In 2018 and 2020, he ran for Mr. Twin Cities Leather, which allowed him to get to know more clubs and organizations within the Twin Cities’ multifaceted community. Along with ICOM, he enjoys attending events hosted by the Ladies of the Lakes, Minnesota Leather Pride, Twin Cities Leather, and NSGRA. DJ loves watching live theater, especially Broadway musicals and plays. He also enjoys watching movies, visiting museums, and exploring the Twin Cities looking for hidden gems that become new favorite places. When asked to describe himself, three words come to mind: “Fun, Frisky, and Fabulous!”

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Duchess XXX

B. Louise

B. Louise was born in 2009. She was left at the Convent of the Sacred Fart by her parents who couldn’t handle her Benjamin Button Disease. She ran away from the sisters to join the Circus. There she honed her drinking and barking skills and quickly worked up the ranks to the Circus Ringleader. Dying from Acute Boredom, she fled the circus to become a housewife to her husband. Since she has no skills in cleaning or tending house, she decided to follow in the footsteps of her childhood heroines; Jane, Dolly, and Lily, and got a 9-5 working as an accountant. Now she wears the pants and the skirts in the family. She has three little fur babies, Luna, Solar, Eclipse. You can catch B. Louise live and in technicolor at a brewery around the twin cities hosting fabulous Bingos and getting too drunk off of beer.


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Baron XXX

Boy Ray

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Baroness XXX

Bunni Mustard

Bunni Mustard (they/she) was born out of the desire to be glamorous: they’re still working on it. New to the scene after winning the Miss TCGMC 2021 pageant, she’s ready to become a presence in the cities. Lover of good laughs and big hugs, Bunni would love to be your friend! They’d also appreciate your snacks. 

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Countess XXX

Reno St. Francis

Reno St. Francis has trained, taught, choreographed, and performed across many styles of dance and movement. She has a musical theatre background and a flair for the dramatic. Combining her love for the spotlight with her penchant for taking off her clothes, Reno has perfected “The Art of the Tease.” She can be found on stages throughout the United States and has brought her art to virtual audiences worldwide! This traveling showgirl is a member of 3 award-winning dance troupes, as well as a founding member and producer of Heartless Hellions Cabaret. This animal-lover spends her free time with her menagerie of furry, scaly, and feathery friends, led by everyone’s favorite charismatic Yorkie, Wolverine the Burly Pup! “This sassy sweetheart will become your vice, cause she’s a little bit naughty and a little bit nice!”

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Count XXX

Jorge Sanchez

I’m Jorge Sanchez. I like long walks on the river banks (MN beaches) or to the taco truck. Cheese curds and corn dogs at a county fair. I’m an advocate for Suicide Prevention, President and Rodeo Director for NSGRA, and the current MsTer NSGRA. I love giving back to the community and look forward to this year!

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Knight XXX

JD Phoenix

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Knight XXX

Dwayne Richardson


Emperor 39 and 40 of the Imperial Court of Nebraska "Big Daddy" Mark Nelson

Reign Father to Reign XXX

“Big Daddy” Mark Nelson

Emperor 39 and 40 of the Imperial Court of Nebraska

Mark got his start with the ICS during his Title Year as Mr. Nebraska Leather 2016 where he found his love for helping others. The following year he joined the Royal Family in Nebraska, as Duke and then Price Royale the following year. In 2019 he stepped up in the role of Emperor to continue his fundraising efforts. After 2 years he stepped down and is now incredibly proud to be a part of Reign 30 for ICOM. His drive comes from knowing that every dollar that is raised helps someone within the local community and that our efforts do make a difference.

Absolute Empress 23 of the Imperial Court of Minnesota Evie Blank

Reign Mother to Reign XXX

Evie Blank

Absolute Empress 23 of the Imperial Court of Minnesota

Evie started with the Imperial Court of MN in 2004. During Reign 13 she was given the lifetime title “The Phoenix Marquessa of Hope & the Future.” She went on to become Princess Royale to Reign 16 and then Empress 23. She is also a former Miss Brass Rail 2007. Evie is known for her travels in the court system and vending of her custom jewels Evie Blank Designs. She and her partner Ida reside in Iowa after relocating there in 2019.  

Rose Emperor 44 of the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Oregon Ty VanHelsing

1/2 Emperor to Emperor XXX

Ty VanHelsing

Rose Emperor 44 of the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Oregon
Sun Emperor 2 and 3 of the Imperial Sun Court of All Florida Imperial Mike

1/2 Emperor to Empress XXX

Imperial Mike

Sun Emperor 2 and 3 of the Imperial Sun Court Of All Florida

Sun Emperor 2 & 3 of All Florida Imperial Mike is here to support, advise, and counsel the Monarchs for a successful reign. Hip Hip Hooray!! 

Empress 39 and 40 of the Imperial Court of Nebraska Monroe

1/2 Empress to Emperor XXX


Empress 23, 39 and 40 of the Imperial Court of Nebraska

Monroe has been gracing the stages throughout the Mid West for over 25 yrs. Originally from Dallas, Monroe was exposed to the Art of Female Impersonation at an early age and fell in love with the art. After moving to Nebraska for college Monroe was born on the stages of the one and only The Max. Monroe has had the honor to capture titles in NE and IA. One of her greatest accomplishments personally is her involvement with the Imperial Court System and Imperial Court of NE, Reigning as Empress 23, 39 & 40 of the Great State of NE. Not to be outdone Monroe AKA Conway has also had his turn on the stage. Capturing titles including Mr. Iowa USofA and Mr. Iowa International. Conway in his day-to-day life works in the Hospitality Industry, but life is not defined by 9-5. Enjoying free time spent with his cairn terrier – Monday and trying and keep one step ahead on house projects. Learning long ago be true to yourself and it always shows through on stage. When you are having fun so is your audience!

Rose Empress 61 of the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Oregon JenuWine Beaute

1/2 Empress to Empress XXX

JenuWine Beauté

Rose Empress 61 of the Imperial Sovereign Rose Court of Oregon

The Best of the West!