Board of Directors

Executive Chair Shawn Creveling

Executive Chair

Shawn Creveling

Shawn has officially been with the Imperial Court of Minnesota since Reign 22. Since then, he has held a variety of positions including Prince Royale 23, Emperor 24, Coronation Coordinator and Executive Chair twice.

When not engaged in Court activities, Shawn can be found working with Wells Fargo (since 2004). He is currently a Senior L&D Facilitator specializing in mortgages. 

Executive Vice-Chair Tom Straley

Executive Vice-Chair

Tom Straley

Executive Secretary Ben Pollack

Executive Secretary

Ben Pollack

Ben is in his first year with the Imperial Court of Minnesota. Having followed ICOM for a few years now, and working with the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus, a recipient of ICOM’s generosity, he wanted to get involved with this great system. When performing, he performs under his stage name of Carrie Ahn.

Imperial Council Chair Jeff Crump

Imperial Council Chair

Jeff Crump

As we fast approach the 30 th Anniversary of the founding of our Court (’91), it has been a pleasure serving the
organization since Reign 2. From Executive Chair, Emperor 5, Regent Emperor 21, Imperial Council Chair and being
honorably bestowed the title of King Father for Life, I’ve met some of the greatest people and formed life-long
friendships over the years by being a proud and active member of I.C.O.M. For that I am very grateful.

Imperial Vice-Chair Julie Dafydd

Imperial Council Vice-Chair

Julie Dafydd

Regent Empress 27 Tonia Lee Anthony

Regent Empress 27

Tonia Lee Anthony

Empress 27 Onya Deek

Empress 27

Jay Andrea (Onya Deek)

Ruler of the North Star country, protector of more than 10,000 Lakes, and holder of the Sacred Red Cherry on a Spoon, Onya Deeks was Empress 27 of the Imperial Court of Minnesota. Onya has been in service to the court for 4 years for numerous charities around the Twin Cities. In her daily life she makes sure patients teeth shine bright like diamonds as a dental hygienist.

Emperor 28 Cody Pendant

Emperor 28

Michael Weihn (Cody Pendant)

He started out performing and fundraising in 2010 in Las Vegas under his birth name Michael Weihn (pronounced wine) in Vegas he won his first pageant with his debut performance for the title king Midas also with the Las Vegas imperial court he was Imperial crown prince, imperial crown prince Royale three reigns, entertainer of the year, and won various awards such as court member of the year, humanitarian award, the YG award twice, and Presidents award. Since he moved to Minnesota five years ago he has continued his fundraising now with the imperial court of Minnesota. He was executive treasurer, won the presidents award, coproduced the ice castle pageant, and now with the alter ego Cody Pendant, he is the current emperor 28.

Empress 28 Leah Tyler

Empress 28

Richard Kopf (Leah Tyler)

The holder of the cherry on a spoon. The queen of pigs, and a connoisseur of VHS cleaners, the power bottom of the state of 10,000 lakes. The love child of Miss Piggy, and John Waters the filthiest person alive, the body beautiful bearded lady herself Leah Tyler Empress 28. They have been involved in non profits for over 4 years volunteering their talents performing, helping put together, gathering donations, and helping put on educational classes, for events within the leather, pup, drag, and court organizations all over the states, During the day the empress works as a hairstylist. In their spare time they love video games, cooking, baking amd spending time with their bio puppies Pua, and Pumbaa.

Prince Royale 28 Tony Schwartz

Prince Royale 28

Tony Schwartz

Tony has been a huge supporter of ICOM over the years as a member of NSGRA (North Star Gay Rodeo Association, and the IGRA (International Ray Rodeo Association). Tony is currently Prince Royale 28 Of the imperial Court of MN. Even with being a city boy tony has had his roots in country and rodeo lifestyle in his own life. He even wore cowboy boots to high school and listened to country music, even when it wasn’t a cool thing to do. Tony joined NSGRA back in 2015. Tony Was Mr. NSGRA 2017, and made the International Royalty Team (IGRA) in 2018. He’s been very active over the last few years with assisting other community groups in events, & fundraising not only just for North Star, but also with and around the Minneapolis/ Saint Paul area such as the leather community, pup community, The Imperial Court of Minnesota, and other clubs in the community. And charities such as: The Aliveness Project. Trevor project, Youth link to name a few.

Princess Royale 28 Anastasia C. Principle

Princess Royale 28

Matt Hudson (Anastasia C. Principle)

Matt (aka ACP) is happy to once again the join the BOD for Reign 28. Matt works with U.S. Bank where he also has presided over their LGBTQ BRG; Spectrum. Matt’s passion for the community is evident through his volunteerism with the Imperial court, The Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus, as well as Quorum. Matt recently completed his bachelors degree for Organizational Communications at Metro State with a minor in Project Management. Matt resides in North Minneapolis with his 2 St. Bernards Dolce Gabbana and Louis Vuitton.